Flood Map Changes Made Simple for Customers

Flood InsuranceNow revised and better than ever:

Automatic Conversion to Preferred Risk Policy after Map Change Sends Refunds to customers

Important flood zone map changes are coming in your area and HDA Insurance helps customers address the effects map changes might have on existing policies. HDA Insurance’s unique Automatic Conversion to Preferred Risk Policy (PRP) after Map Change process has now been enhanced to provide even better letters to the affected customers.

At HDA Insurance, we make the process easier to automatically review policies the very next day after a map change to convert to PRP and issue refunds to our customers.

  • Using the old NFIP map change process, you would need to cancel the existing standard policy and purchase a new PRP policy using a new zone determination and the lender notification as proof. This process can’t start until the lender notifies you that flood insurance is no longer required.

At HDA Insurance, the Automatic Conversion to PRP after Map Change process notifies affected customers of the effects on their policy.

The new letters sent during this process, linked below, notify the clients of the following results:

  •  Conversion to PRP and Refund Due to Map Revision  letter is sent
    • If the policy is eligible and lower premium would result as a PRP policy, the automatic conversion to PRP is completed
    • The insured may still cancel if they choose, NFIP cancellation process will apply.

The process does NOT send letters in the following cases:

  • If the flood zone remains in the high risk flood zone after flood map revisions, there can be no conversion to PRP–no letter is sent.
  • If the flood zone change cannot be determined from the address information, no letter sent.


To learn more about the Auto Conversion to PRP process read the original Flood Communications at this link: Automatic Conversion to PRP after Map Change Process.

Important notes:   

  • HDA Insurance’s Automatic Conversion to PRP after Map Change begins the day after a map change      becomes effective to analyze the best action on your behalf as well as the insured.
  • Auto Conversion process after map change does not include Residential Condo Building Association Policies.
  • After a map change moves a policy from high risk to low risk, HDA Insurance now will automatically convert it to the Preferred Risk Policy and generate a refund for the insured if conversion generates a lower premium to the insured.
  • The insured can still choose to cancel the policy after the auto conversion to PRP takes place.
  • NFIP cancellation process is unchanged and still requires all named insureds to sign the cancellation request and to provide the documentation from the lender. Coverage amounts after conversion to PRP will be the same or the closest coverage level available, but not lower than the original.
  • Contents coverage will be applied as noted in the Preferred Risk Policy package.
  • This automated map change process relates only to flood zone changes from high risk zones (A or V) to low risk zones (B, C or X) resulting from map changes. BFE or datum changes, or any other zone changes that occur during map revisions, are not addressed by the automatic conversion to PRP process.
  • This process is currently in effect and is ongoing until further notice.

To reach FloodSmart.gov Map Update Schedule, please click here Please select your state and county then scroll down to read any map updates scheduled for your municipality..