Earthquake Risk is Real

Homeowners deserve better coverage, flexible coverage limits, and more deductible options!

An article in The Seattle Times clearly explains issues regarding the availability and affordability of earthquake insurance.  In comparison to Homeowners Insurance, Earthquake Insurance seems to be out of reach for many, including a huge lack of options with only one handful of carriers to choose from.

HDA Insurance’s Value Select Earthquake Program offers many options which hopefully solve these concerns for many:

  • Quality Coverage
  • Deductible Options Ranging from 2.5% – 25%
  • Much Lower Premium Rates
  • Licensed and Admitted Carrier with Sound Financial Ratings

Don’t leave your home exposed!  Design an affordable coverage plan!

Following the many recent natural disasters including devastating earthquakes in Mexico, Japan, South America and the Fiji Islands,  we are left to contemplate whether we are either prepared or financially planning such a disaster. Following each of the recent earthquakes, we can only imagine how many property owners wished they would have purchased earthquake insurance, perhaps the thought was a little late!

The Seattle Times article is a very helpful illustration of present affairs in the earthquake insurance marketplace.   Please contact us if you need any assistance, clarification or a quotation on your property(ies).