Why Do You Need Condo Insurance?

Why would you buy Condo or Townhome Insurance if you’re already paying your Condo Association a fee inclusive of insurance? While the Condo Association Master Policy does cover the building, an individual Condo Unit Owners policy is necessary to protect the interior of your unit, personal property, and personal liability coverage. HDA Insurance will bridge the gap, protecting the interior and liability where the association will provide for the exterior.

Elements of Condo Insurance . . .

The interior of your unit may have upgrades, recent enhancements or may house your valuable furniture and personal belongings. If the Condo is owner occupied, you’ll be more interested in Contents Coverage; however, if your Condo is tenant occupied,  you may still need Contents Coverage if the property is rented furnished. The following items are common coverage items including on a Townhome or Condo Unit Owners Policy:

  • Personal Contents
  • Interior dwelling coverage for walls, fixtures, and other permanently attached building items inside your condo
  • Liability Coverage and Medical Payments.

Why choose HDA?

There may be many choices for insurance outlets to approach to inquire about your insurance; HDA Insurance is a National Provider of Property Insurance operating as an information hub rather than housing a ton of salespeople trying to sell you a policy. In addition, HDA Insurance offers an online portal offering clients direct access to obtain a self service quote and also buy the policy online without the interaction of an insurance agent. This is only recommended if the client is very knowledgeable about the product being purchased.