Your Condominium Insurance – What Is Walls-In Coverage?

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Condo Insurance is also known as Townhome Insurance, Walls-In Coverage and Form HO6.  Since Condominium Buildings, Attached Townhomes and Co-Ops alike are constructed around community style living, the Homeowners Association (HOA) carries a Commercial Package Insurance Policy covering the Common Building Structure(s), Common Areas and General Liability Insurance for the Association.

Individual Unit Owners need to provide insurance for the interior portion of their respective unit, as well as coverage for personal belongings, loss of use and personal liability.  Not only do mortgage companies require the interior of the unit to be covered but the majority of associations also require that each individual unit owner is insured.

The most basic and common coverage on Condo Insurance is as follows:

  • Interior Dwelling Coverage – protection for the interior of the unit
  • Personal property Coverage – protection for the personal belongings of the unit owner
  • Loss of Use Coverage – provides additional living expenses required due to a covered loss
  • Personal/Family Liability – protection against claims of bodily injury and property damage
  • Guest Medical Payments – providing medical payments to others visiting the unit

Valuable insurance options to consider before buying Condo Insurance:

  • Personal Injury Coverage – protection against libel and slander
  • Backup of Sewers and Drains – protection against water backup
  • Loss Assessments Coverage – reimbursement for covered Charges assessed by the Homeowners Association
  • Animal Liability Coverage – providing liability caused by a pet
  • Loss of Rents – providing reimbursement for the loss of rental income due to a covered loss

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Condominium ownership has its perks!  After all, you may not enjoy mowing the lawn, sweeping the driveway, shoveling the sidewalk, washing out the gutters or taking out the trash!

Condo owners still have the responsibility of maintaining their individual unit and perhaps taking out the trash (most likely to a cleaner and more convenient location).   If you own a Condo, the master insurance policy purchased by the Homeowners Association (HOA) does not protect the interior of your unit, your personal belongings, nor provide personal liability protection for you and your resident family.

Although it is advisable to speak to a licensed representative to get all your questions answered, the above link will provide a self service format to obtain a quote and purchase your insurance directly online.    Alternately, should you need further assistance, you may contact a licensed agent toll free at:  (877) 931-3368