New plan is Blue Shield’s lowest-priced PPO plan yet!

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By Haig Artan

Clients asked for more low-cost plans, and Blue Shield is delivering their lowest-priced PPO plan, Vital Shield 2900. This competitively priced plan offers clients the vital health coverage they need to protect them against most major medical events, all at an affordable rate.

Key advantages include:

  • Monthly rates as low as $37
  • 2 office visits, which can be used for preventive care or treatment of illness or injury prior to meeting the deductible
  • Low copayment for generic prescription drubs at network pharmacies prior to meeting the deductible ($10)
  • Moderate annual deductible ($2,900)
  • Member is covered at 100% after meeting the coinsurance maximum ($5,900) for most covered services
  • Access to one of California’s largest PPO networks

Vital Shield 2900 offers individual coverage only, and does not include maternity benefits.

Vital Shield 2900 is a great plan to attract price-driven internet shoppers. With its low price, it will be prominently displayed among the top-ranked coverage plans in premium-sorted quoting engines.

Ideal prospects include clients who are:

  • Uninsured, but employed
  • Ages 19-44
  • Price-driven shoppers
  • Looking to protect their financial assets in case of a major medical event
  • Current clients thinking of dropping their health coverage due to rising rates

For those clients who may need a plan with richer benefits, such as brand-name prescription drug coverage, maternity benefits, or more office visits, consider one of Blue Shield’s high-value plans, such as the Balance Plan 2500, Shield Spectrum PPO Plan 5000, or an Essential Plan.

Click on the link below for more detailed information on this plan and other plans offered by Blue Shield of California. You may obtain a free quote or even apply online utilizing this user friendly online tool!

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