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By Haig Artan

Without health coverage, you could pay an average cost of $7,175 for a day in the hospital. Don’t wait to get the protection you need.

Is SmartSense for you?

  • Reliable, basic protection with some of our lowest monthly rates
  • Choose the annual deductible/monthly rate combination that works for you
  • Immediate benefits for first three visits to a doctor
  • Choice of prescription drug benefits (Comprehensive Rx or Generic Only Rx)
  • No need for maternity benefits
  • Health plan pays up to $7,000,000 per member in lifetime benefits

What else do you get?

  • Access to over 50,000 California PPO network doctors and specialists and nearly 400 hospitals – so chances are your doctor is one of ours
  • Money in your pocket – because we’ve negotiated lower fees with our network doctors and hospitals, your share of costs is less (a lot less)
  • Free health and wellness programs – designed to keep you as healthy as can be
  • Out-of-state coverage – so you’ll feel better wherever you are

Available Dental Coverage and Term Life Insurance; our rates are so affordable, they’ll make you smile!

Give yourself every advantage…

good health, a bright smile and financial security.


free health and wellness programs

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