Best Earthquake Insurance Got Better . . .

The Best Earthquake Insurance – – – Just Got Better – – – Again!!!

Best Earthquake Insurance






Effective 17 May, 2017, enhancements have been made to the Value Select policies; the changes are all to the benefit of the Insured Client and come at no additional cost.

  • Increased Ordinance or Law Coverage!     Now included up to 10% of the Dwelling limit of insurance.
  • Increased Chimney Coverage!     Now included in the Dwelling limit of insurance with no sub-limits.
  • Increased Time Period for a Single Earthquake Event!     Now increased from 72 hours to 168 hours (3 to 7 days) for the application of the deductible.
  • Home in the Course of Construction are now eligible!      Must be insured to full value of completion replacement cost – dwelling coverage only.

Each of the 4 above items is great enhancements to an already Great & Customizable Residential Earthquake Program. #BestEarthquakeInsurance

Ordinance or Law Coverage is also known as Building Code Upgrade Coverage; most Homeowners Insurance Policies include 10% of Dwelling Limit for this very valuable coverage – it is about time we were able to match the coverage on an Earthquake Policy.

Most earthquake insurance programs include $5,000 coverage to repair or replace damaged chimneys, we are happy to announce coverage for chimneys within the dwelling limit of the policy without a lower sub-limit.

It is rare to find a Residential Earthquake Program which will ensure a home during the construction phase; now we have it! The home must be insured for the fully completed retail reconstruction cost, a range of deductible options are available; however, only the Dwelling may be insured during this phase. Once completed, the home may add Other Structures, Personal Property and Loss of Use Coverage.

The Value Select Program is now available in California, Oregon & Washington! For more information regarding this Great & Customizable Earthquake Insurance Program, you may call toll-free: (877) 931-3368 or submit questions using the Contact Us link.