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Everyone knows the importance of having health insurance. Without it, one visit to the emergency room or hospital could leave you with costly medical bills. If you and your family are not covered through your employer, you owe it to yourself to investigate the variety of plans Aetna offers to individuals.
We offer several several types of health plans, like HMOs and PPOs with several deductible and co-payment plans.

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Helping control costs


Aetna takes our commitment to our individual customers seriously. We have taken a number of steps to try to keep our products as affordable as possible, such as:

  • Developing relationships with health care providers that provide incentives for the quality of care they provide, and not the quantity.
  • Creating medical management programs which address potential health issues for members earlier, improving health outcomes and reducing the need for high-cost health care services.
  • Reducing our administrative costs by cutting back on the number of plan designs we offer, focusing only on the most popular plans that meet the needs of the majority of our member.

We will continue working to develop affordable solutions for our members that accurately reflect the underlying cost of health care service.

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